Junior League Prep Day Photos 3/2/2002


some of our crew from prep day.  That's bob holding the secret plans (or maybe an irrigation pipe)
what a day!


1) Landscaping Project:
before - rocky dirt patch to the right is the landscaping area.
Bob Waterman checks his layout
Carrie in the recent bracket hauling, trench-jumping olympic event
Craig and his trencher
post setters are pleased with their results
more folks who dig their work


Teamwork in action!
Bob Waterman gives a demonstration on the fine points of shovelling while David Lehmann is augering in.
The Junior League PhD (post hold digger) team in action.


2) Rear Patio / Vine supports

Gene takes a big swing
The arduous task of breaking concrete






3) Storage Shed:

 This is the before view of the shed 
while being cleaned...
teamwork makes the effort easier
and completed!


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Modified 04/16/02

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