Junior League DIAD* Centennial Project 3/2 & 3/16 2002 

*(done in a day - it's done!)



Welcome to the Home Page for The Junior League Centennial Project!

CAR (Community Association for Rehabilitation)

525 East Charleston Rd.

Palo Alto, Ca. 94303


date of last web update: 05/01/2003


House CaptainsBob Waterman and Jay Chesavage  


    Work Day -  March 16, 2002 see photos of work day here!

    Prep day -  Saturday, March 2, 2002 see photos of prep day here!


Lose a tool or vest?  See the Lost and Found!


Many thanks to the Junior League members and their friends for their tireless effort in completing this project in a (long) day!




1) Landscaping Project:
Before - Landscaping area to the rear is just a large patch of dirt and rocks.  CAR has requested this be converted to a wheelchair accessible garden for their clients
Landscaping area after 3/2 Prep Day
Landscaping was completed on 3/16 in clear weather.  The following day (when this photo was taken), it poured!
closeup of a wheelchair accessible planterbox see the plans here



2) Rear Patio / Vine supports

After 3/2 Prep Day
After 3/16 - shade cloth will relieve the summer sun, and the posts and wires will support wisteria vines.






3) Storage Sheds:

 The white storage shed to the rear is about to undergo a transformation ...
Front storage shed Before
Storage shed after cleaning 3/2
Storage shed after painting 3/16


Prep Day photos ->


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