Junior League DIAD Photos 3/16/2002

Junior League 2002 main

Junior League compost-hauling committee in action
David demonstrates the curious merging of Japanese carpentry and landscaping


1) Landscaping Project:
Lawn benderboard installed, amendments rotilled, and planterboxes in progress
The last benderboard being installed.  These are actually manufactured from recycled beverage bottles!
Bob applies his secret sauce to the ground before the sod is installed.
Laying Sod - 15 minutes later!
Many hands makes the installation go quickly
Planterbox construction wears on
Close-up of a wheelchair-accessible planterbox.


2) Rear Patio / Vine supports

Installing posts and trees is really quite the same
Checking posts for plumb
Consultation on tree installation

Final view of rear patio!





3) Storage Shed:

 Renee sketches her design after the shed is cleaned and primed
Completed shed!


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