Rebuilding Together 2005

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last updated: 05/04/05

Pre-Prep day Trenching and Irrigation installation 4/17

Photo of the garden site when we first arrived 4/17 to install irrigation.  
Greg trenches while George makes sure the planterbox doesn't get away.
Trenching is completed!


Rainy Prep Day 4/23

Rototilling in the mud was tedious
Rototilling inclines in narrow beds was similarly enjoyable.  (Not to worry: the rotating blades are at the rear).
Sara and Pamela ensure  benderboards everywhere are on the straight and narrow.
The pizza garden planter bed is being formed
Framing the new planterboxes...
...Speak softly and carry a big drill
Benderboard installation for the front orchard, path, and garden beds.
Irrigation project is underway, but the helper seems occupied.
Don't worry - Peter's not inhaling.
massive dirt relocation operation
Ethyl and Nicola - an unbeatable team!
Two men excited about boring dirt
Volunteer Coordinator Sara has recruited these guys to assemble her brand spanking new wheelbarrow...
...which is also a matching fashion accessory!  Behind Sara, Tracy pushes last years model.
At the end of the prep day!
Lost one of these?  contact volunteer coordinator Sara at yahoo!

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