Rebuilding Together 2005

4/30 Workday Photos

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last updated: 05/04/05

Rebuilding Together Day 4/30

PTA President Ginny leads the charge hauling Gravel!
The pizza garden - working the soil
and garden beds at entry
Grandma Ethyl and granddaughter Nicola plugging away at preparing beds
The amazing sand and gravel  movers who moved 20 yards of gravel + 20 yards of sand!  Note to the 4 different public officials who came by and asked me to immediately relocate it out of the street - its all gone now.
Bonnie the Vargas Site Coordinator, dug tree holes ferociously all day long.
Master Gardener (and construction captain) Pamela closes off the last path.
Bed prep at rear of garden.
Adding amendments to the pizza garden
Meanwhile, the gravel piles are getting smaller
Site crews are in full swing
And yet more gravel coming and going
Starting on the orchard
another view of the orchard
John and Cris vs Apricot tree with gigantic tap root.  John eventually won.
Contractor Scott Snyder and helpers working on trellis

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