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My Ecology Trip to the Baylands (page 2)


. On top of the sign is a bird called a kite. By the way it flies, you can see why. It hovers in the air about 20 feet off the ground, then swoops down every now and then. I couldn't take a good picture while it was flying, because it beats its wings fast, and came out blurry.
These are marsh hawks. They are very far away, but these are zoomed in. They fly above the marshes, and dive for little rodents and other small animals.
. This is a lone Pelican. They usually travel in a flock, using the same technique as the seagulls, but this one must have strayed. Pelicans use the pouch under their bill to scoop up fish, or other foods in the water.
These are geese. They were swimming around, not doing anything very exciting. Geese eat wetland plants, seeds, fish, and other small water animals.
Here is a seagull that is flapping its wings in the water. It may be defending its territory, stretching, or trying to impress the ladies


  That about all the information I have about the bayland birds. The rest of my pictures are more of all of these animals. If you want to see them, click on the polar bear.