My Ecology Trip to the Baylands

Greg Chesavage


These are sandpipers, which are a very common bird found in the Palo Alto baylands. They use their long beaks to poke into the mud and eat bugs living there. In the bottom picture, you can see their beaks better.

Towards the beginning of my trip, I saw a lot of ducks, seagulls, and pelicans. It wasn't until later in my trip, when I actually got a picture of any pelicans however.

Here, many ducks are looking for food underwater. They poke their heads in and look around until they find something worth eating.

We found a dead bird on the trail. If you want to see it, click on the frog.



These are pictures of seagulls. They aren't the most interesting bird, but how they and many other birds fly is pretty smart. They travel in formation, so that the lead bird breaks the wind, making it easier for the birds behind him. They take turns in front, so that they all get rest.

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