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Rebuilding Together Day 4/26/2003

Part of the afternoon work group (apologies to the morning crew)


shovels are not recommended for removing large roots...
the master bricklayers make their master plan
Post and rail specialists
Does this paint smell funny, or is it just me?
Fence consultants at work
Folks doing research after completing their PHDs.   Of the post hole digger variety.
Fence boards going up
Garden work
Brick work
Earthquake work - note overhanging second story with no shear protection.
Studwall will be built to connect beams to plates and provide shear protection using siding.
Greg Osborn, master carpenter.  You can tell the really talented carpenters - instead of placing the studs vertical and plumb, they place them according to they way they originally grew in the forest, sometimes leaning to the right, sometimes leaning to the left...
House Captain Jay and Fiancee Pam resume planning their big project - next month's wedding!


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