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Sanctuary Flooring
Clementine and Louise from Church of God admire the sanctuary cleared out the previous Wednesday evening by the LDS youth group.  The youth group also vigorously cleaned the walls and prepared the building for the upcoming Saturday's big day.
Pastor Richmond Coleman (back), his brother Morris (front), my son Greg, and I removed the glued-on carpeting pad from the floor in preparation for the carpet installation.  John Winkler prepared all of the safety caps installed over the pew bolts.
Joe Gorman arranged for the donation of carpet, and the expert installation was done by Tim Carvalho, Robert Aragon, and Ramiro Olivas from Preston Holmes, Inc.  The value of their generous donation of material and labor was in excess of $3,000.

In the late 70s, a popular youth pastime was "telephone booth stuffing".  This is still a common practice on Christmas in April, although now we call it "painting the closet".
Painting the hallways can make you thirsty!


Garden Project
As usual, Christmas in April projects often don't go quite as planned.  The original plan was to saw and remove some of the the unused rear concrete to make room for a small garden.  John Winkler started sawing, and discovered the concrete depth was over 12".  He proposed a raised planter bed, for which a pile of topsoil was delivered, and a planter bed was basically built around it.  A few holes were punched through the concrete for the donated birch trees.
Happy gardeners planting ground cover.
By cleanup time, the garden was complete!


Bathroom Cleaning Crew

Remember the game show "Lets make a deal?".  There was always a "door number 3", and you never knew what was in it.  In this case, door number 3 involved a locked door to a bathroom/shower for which the key had been lost 5 years ago.  We picked the lock, and found it had been fully colonized by its own ecosystem of... well, thats about all I care to say.  This is the relentless army that converted it back into a spotless restroom.

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