Rebuilding Together 2001

(the volunteer organization formerly known as Christmas in April)

Welcome to the Home Page for our Christmas in April 2001 Project:

Church of God

567 Hamilton Ave

Menlo Park, Ca. 94025

Rev. Richmond Coleman, Jr.

Clementine Smith, site coordinator


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Advance Work: John Winkler  

Volunteer Coordinator: Keith Miller  

Carpeting & installation provided by: Preston Holmes, Inc. of Milpitas 

Sponsor & volunteers: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Menlo Park Stake

House Captain: Jay Chesavage  


When: Saturday, April 28, 2001 from 8AM to 5PM

Picnic afterwards at Flood Park from 5PM to 7PM


 Site View:
This is a view of the left side of the site, including the Sanctuary.
This is a view of the right side of the site, including the Kitchen and Dining Hall 

Work Inside Sanctuary:
We'll be taking out the pews, replacing the carpet, painting the walls inside the sanctuary, and reinstalling the pews.  This will require:

1) Painting Crew of 8 (4 each wall, prepping, masking, priming walls, painting walls, 4-6 hours).  Also need a coordinator to do local quality control & keep an eye on supply needs.

2) Carpet laying crew of 4-6 (sanctuary and vestibule/entry, 6 hours)  Need an experienced carpet layer to oversee operation.  Carpet layers and painters start from opposite ends and meet in middle.  Probably need to cut zillions of holes for pew mounting hardware..

3) Pew removers and installers (4 for an hour at beginning and end - need a coordinator to be sure hardware is installed same way it came out)
View of sanctuary looking to rear
View of the vestibule/entry to sanctuary.  This area needs carpeting and painting back to the front entry.

There is also an inoperative men's restroom which needs an exhaust vent fan replaced, and some urinal plumbing work done (the house captain's specialty ;-)

This is the exterior view of a sanctuary door that needs to be replaced.  There are 4-5 such doors that need to be replaced.  This will require 2-3 skilled carpenters working all day.  There is a variety of minor exterior maintenance (caulking, securing of trim, etc) that needs to be done.

Kitchen and Dining Hall
This is the exterior view of the Kitchen and Dining Hall.  The front hand rail needs reinforcement, and both doors need to be replaced.  There is a broken window by the far door.

1) Replace weathered Doors (with panic bars), thresholds, and install screen doors - 1-2 skilled workers for a day.

This is the Dining Area.  The entire kitchen and dining area  needs patching, priming, and painting.
This is the Kitchen ceiling.  There has been some water damage to the ceiling, and it would appear that one of the ceiling joists is developed an affinity for non-conformance.  An advance crew run by John will be doing repair work as required to the ceiling.
Additional Kitchen/Dining tasks:

1) replace missing vents and plywood for rodent control (doesn't appear to be a current problem) - 2 semi-skilled folks for half a day.

2) Clean and Paint bathroom/shower at rear entrance - 1-2 semi-skilled for a day.


Gardening Project:
In the rear of the site, and between the church and kitchen, there is an area that would be a great place to do a small landscaping project and installing a few benches.  John will be sawing out the concrete in this area, and volunteers will be removing this concrete and doing some planting.  In addition, the broken concrete leading to the pastor's entrance will be removed, and replaced with circular paving stones.  This area will require the effort of 4-5 folks working for 4-6 hours. 

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