Tech Challenge 2002

Other devices from the Competition

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An articulating robot arm grabbing the torch
My favorite - based on the trebuchet, a medieval weapon of war, it picks up the torch on one end, passes it through the slot, and drops it in the opposite end.  On the way over, it drops a counterweight rock, and returns to its starting position, also shown below...
... in action, rotating to its final position.
The long arm of uncle sam
Bringing your own railroad track seems like the ticket.
Hey Mom, what happened to my bicycle?
Ropes and pulleys work, too, although about as steady as a rope bridge.
A sidecar propelled by a tensioned string.
Elementary school entry made from styrofoam packing material.
Manually operated machine with tripod and stabilizing foot applied
Kin'nex structure.  One of the lego structures collapsed on the test stand.
viking engineers
A travelling gantry pulled by ropes
This machine won the shortest time of  7 seconds.  It is a curved tube that fit over each torch pedestal, slinging the torch using a tensioned wire like a shuttle.  The actual travel time after setup was about .5 seconds.  It had many machined surfaces, and was build by 6th graders... I think ;-)


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