Tech Challenge 2002

Last updated 04/13/02

Rigel shows first his idea for a torch gripper.
Rigel's second idea for a gripper uses a hinge
Mike works on an end cap for the pedestal of the test track.  This is the inverted cap placed on a cylinder that will receive the torch. 
The frame is taking shape - it needs drive motors.  The cylinder in the center is holding the "torch", using the endcap from the above photo. 
Greg and Kenneth work on a support structure.
Greg cuts an alignment piece for the grabber.
The boys puzzle over how to get the various mechanisms to operate together.
Kenneth installs motor-driven wheels while Greg adds more internal supports.
 Rigel demonstrates the art of drilling while conversing.  Greg and Kenneth nervously look on.



Ken epoxies a pointed end on the torch.  The master plan for everything must be on the paper under the pliers.  Click here to take a peek at the master plan... 
Rigel builds the control panel to operate the torch mover.
Mike drills the "torch holder" supports
  5:30PM, the night before the competition.  Rigel is at the controls he built about 10 minutes ago.  The torch mover picks up the torch, moves it across the platform, and places it in the far torch holder successfully.  We have not had anything  functioning until this moment.

on to the Tech Finals!

Modified 04/13/02

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