Tech Challenge 2001

Final Competition!

 We went to the Tech Challenge Final Competition Weds April 4, and took 2nd prize for best design!  It was great fun seeing all the other designs (including some we were not able to get to work when we tried them)  Here are pictures of us and others from the day of the event:

(Pardon the poor quality of the photos - credit goes to Logitech, which should stay in the mouse business)
Final Judging!  Here the boys are interviewed about their project  
The boys hunker over for some really hard questions.
Crawler on its final ascent at the finals!
Victory Boys!
Here the boys are after the judging, each holding their prize - an HP scientific calculator.  Oh boy - it does hyberbolic cosines!
There were 11 JLS teams.  I think there are 4 in this photo

Photos of other devices in operation from the Tech Finals

Modified 04/06/01

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