2/15/00: The first successful loading of the battery into the satellite
Greg, Kenneth, and Michael add bracing to front to add stability (and keep front from falling over).  Also decided to change front plate from wood to clear plastic so we can see what we're docking!
Greg tries out the improved vortex while Alex checks alignment.
Michael tries out the improved vortex.
2/26/00: We discovered that it was hard to align the funnels with the knobs on the front of the sattelite when we couldn't see them.  After a few docking misses, it was time to change the wooden funnel support and make a new plastic one that we could see through. 
Michael and Alex "match drill" the new holes.  We clamped the old piece on the top, the new piece on the bottom, and drilled new holes exactly where the old ones were.
Kenneth drills the two big funnel holes by hand to be sure they are in exactly the right place (the ones in our wood support weren't quite right)
Peeling the paper from the plastic seems like the most fun of all!
Rigel next to the new clear funnel support.  Rigel noticed that the battery was slipping out of the box while the Vortex was being operated, and almost fell to the floor several times.  Rigel found that putting a bunch or rubber bands inside the box kept the battery from sliding out.
3/11/00: Greg demonstrates his idea for a control/operator handle with help from Ken and Michael
Before covering the Vortex with reflective foil, everyone tightens loose nuts to be sure nothing falls off....
...Rigel mistakes Ken for a loose nut
3/11/00:  Greg, Rigel, Michael, and Ken try to move the Vortex, and  discover that it  likes to open to its full length during transport!  Another problem to figure out...  
Next stop: Tech Trials!